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"Sierra Asia delivers. For us in China, they brought access, built bridges, developed commanding positions and accelerated accomplishment in China... and we have been working successfully in China for over a decade.""
Patrick Jenevein
Tang Energy Group

"Lee guided us through the ins and outs of the Chinese business and entertainment world, allowing us to avoid many of the common mistakes newcomers to China make."
Robert Nederlander
Jr. President
Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment

"I am particularly impressed with Paula's ability to connect with senior Chinese clients. Her proven track record in adapting and excelling in new business environments and her abilities to understand, appreciate and leverage unique cultural intricacies and nuances will be of particular value to her clients."
Charles Li
JP Morgan, China

"Lee Sands was essential to our efforts to establish the first sanctioned Cooperative Joint Venture in the highly sensitive youth culture oriented music business in China. The depth of his cultural awareness, linguistic skills and familiarity with Chinese Government personnel and process were the practical key to our success in our market entry strategy."
John Dolan
Former Senior Vice President of Business Development
Sony Music

Lee's "tenacity and street smarts win raves from U.S. business."
Business Week

Lee was commended for "developing a negotiating strategy for persuading China to drop a range of restrictions on foreign companies, and to phase out protection for state-run industries."
The New York Times

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Management Team

William A. Lofft | Partner

Mr. Lofft has 30 years of executive and financial management experience. He has founded, owned, operated, financed, served on the board of directors, and been an executive for a broad array of technology, energy and media businesses including: electronic media measurement of Cable TV, print media, broadband Cable and Satellite television distribution technology, the San Diego Super Computer Center, as well as nuclear and advanced fossil fuel power.

As a serial entrepreneur and five-time CEO, he has spent a career interpreting change and identifying opportunity across multiple industries - both domestically and internationally.

Prior to his current role with Sierra Asia, Mr. Lofft spent four years as the CEO of ZuumCraft, Inc. an early stage manufacturer of Personal Electric Vehicles. He assembled a first rate Senior Management Team and moved the company from concept and prototype to production and sales without angel or VC funding. ZuumCraft manufactures in China.

Mr. Lofft previously (2001-2006) served as CFO and member of the Board of Directors of Modern Postcard, a Carlsbad, California based firm that provides postcard products and solutions for marketing purposes to a national customer base of over 150,000. During his five year tenure with the company and following his roadmap, revenues nearly tripled, gross margins increased from 48% to over 72% and operating income rose over six times.

From 1993-2000, Mr. Lofft directed the development of ADcom Information Services, Inc, an electronic TV audience measurement and data base company, taking on the industry giant Nielsen Media in the Cable Industry. He was founding President/ CEO of the firm and later served as its Chairman. Under his direction, ADcom invented state-of-the-art systems and statistical methodologies to provide local electronic viewership measurement to low audience share cable programming, greatly enhancing industry ad sales.

From 1990 to 1993 he was President/CEO and member of the board of Oak Communications Company, a world-wide supplier of Cable TV systems with manufacturing in Taiwan.

Earlier in his career, as Treasurer of General Atomic Company, Mr. Lofft structured and secured financing for such varied technologies as the San Diego Super Computer Center and Test and Radio-isotope Production Labs and Reactors in the Far East.

Mr. Lofft was recently a member of the Regional US Bank Board, has been past President of the World Trade Association of San Diego and was a Commerce Department appointee to the San Diego District Export Council. He is currently a mentor to San Diego companies with both Connect and the Chairmans Round Table (where he is a member of the Board of Directors); and is a member of the CEO Strategy Forum.

He received his BA from the University of California, Santa Barbara in Economics, and his MBA in Finance from San Diego State University, where he also lectured in finance.

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