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"Sierra Asia delivers. For us in China, they brought access, built bridges, developed commanding positions and accelerated accomplishment in China... and we have been working successfully in China for over a decade.""
Patrick Jenevein
Tang Energy Group

"Lee guided us through the ins and outs of the Chinese business and entertainment world, allowing us to avoid many of the common mistakes newcomers to China make."
Robert Nederlander
Jr. President
Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment

"I am particularly impressed with Paula's ability to connect with senior Chinese clients. Her proven track record in adapting and excelling in new business environments and her abilities to understand, appreciate and leverage unique cultural intricacies and nuances will be of particular value to her clients."
Charles Li
JP Morgan, China

"Lee Sands was essential to our efforts to establish the first sanctioned Cooperative Joint Venture in the highly sensitive youth culture oriented music business in China. The depth of his cultural awareness, linguistic skills and familiarity with Chinese Government personnel and process were the practical key to our success in our market entry strategy."
John Dolan
Former Senior Vice President of Business Development
Sony Music

Lee's "tenacity and street smarts win raves from U.S. business."
Business Week

Lee was commended for "developing a negotiating strategy for persuading China to drop a range of restrictions on foreign companies, and to phase out protection for state-run industries."
The New York Times

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Already in China

For companies already operating in China and looking to expand, Sierra Asia is expert at analyzing the market and developing strategies for penetrating new sectors. We also are adept at helping clients expand in sectors where they have an existing presence. One of our primary strategies involves helping clients to rethink their vulnerabilities and then devising tactics to improve their competitive position. Our track record of creative ground-breaking deals and first-hand knowledge of the way things work equip us to design plans that elevate and sharpen clients' China strategies.

Our Services

Market Penetration
Vital to successful expansion is the creation of a unified China strategy. Such a strategy enables companies to leverage strategic alliances and work with trusted local partners to maximize the impact of their investments in China. This strategy lays the groundwork for powerful, long-term relationships that work. For example, our professionals used their understanding of the goals of each party to broker an alliance between the Beijing Olympic Committee and a media company with a small but well-established China presence. We accomplished this by helping the media company unify its numerous small ventures to better reflect the depth of its commitment to the Chinese market. As a result of our work, the company was awarded a very high-profile national assignment.

In helping our clients expand, we personally oversee the entire process: from initial contacts through to the closing of the deal and formation of a bond of trust and confidence between the parties. We often play an instrumental role in new business development, calling on our longstanding network of contacts to introduce our clients to new prospects and develop relationships with key industry participants in government and business. Moreover, we often stay involved on an ongoing basis to ensure that relations with local business and government entities remain positive.

Problem Solving and Opportunities
Our clients come to Sierra Asia when they encounter roadblocks, feel frustrated and need to solve problems quickly. They need objective, practical advice from people who know the intricacies of the Chinese system. Through the insights we have gained by years of doing business on the ground in China and through our network of insiders, we help clients solve critical and challenging problems and create a framework for avoiding those problems in the future.

Our team recently worked with clients who were facing the threat of losing their business license and having their products banned from China. We used our Chinese contacts to determine the underlying issues with the various regulators and devised an alliance with a government-related entity to alleviate concerns.

And for business owners who do not have access to current market intelligence or a network of insider contacts, Sierra Asia helps clients take advantage of the vast number of opportunities that arise in China. One of the ways we do so is by determining the objectives of decision-makers in the Chinese power structure and then working with international companies to fashion a mutually beneficial solution. For instance, we have been working with the Shanghai Expo to enlist the participation of international companies in the event, expanding the variety and number of exhibits and attracting a wider audience. As a result, our clients will enjoy a new business opportunity and the government can showcase new and creative technologies and products.

Strategic Alliances
The surest way to succeed in China is by allying our clients with a local party, be it government entity, customer, supplier or joint venture partner. In so doing, we help devise alliance strategies, identify appropriate partners and negotiate agreements. Once the papers are signed and work begins, we also serve as liaisons between the parties until they establish a sound foundation of trust.

For example, when a major media company attempted to become the first foreign firm to enter the Chinese music and entertainment industry, our principals found two partners -- the municipal government of Shanghai and an influential strategic partner -- both with high political and relevant business connections. The resulting alliance allowed our client to become the first foreign player in the sector and has generated great success for our client.

Government Relations
Calling on our insider understanding of China's government and regulatory structures, Sierra Asia works with clients to develop government advocacy approaches. We begin by identifying key players in government and other people and institutions that help shape official opinion. We then devise strategies to approach them and to position our client's involvement in China, emphasizing our client's positive contribution in the local market. Once contact has been initiated, our consultants help clients participate in the dialogue regarding their industry in China and help obtain approvals or support. In addition, we assist with intellectual property right protection.

For example, Sierra Asia created a program of influence for a major manufacturer, in which we recommended a multi-level government strategy based on developing relationships within central and local governments. Our consultants also identified sponsorship and other good-will opportunities that not only improved the firm's image among Chinese leaders and officials, but also tied the firm's interests with those of the leaders in ways that were mutually beneficial and of high moral value.

Board Briefings
For companies already in China, it is frequently useful for their boards of directors to take a strategic review of the market. Our senior executives periodically give updates to boards of directors on the current business and political climate in China and provide strategic reviews of a company's China business. We also help boards identify and understand how the business and political landscape is evolving so companies can better identify opportunities as they arise and avoid pitfalls.

For example, Sierra Asia hosted a series of meetings for the board of a major UK company, during which we provided insights into their industry's changing regulatory environment and ways their industry might be restructured in the future. We also reviewed other political and economic issues and advised on possible strategic alliances that could position the company for the evolving China market.

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