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"Sierra Asia delivers. For us in China, they brought access, built bridges, developed commanding positions and accelerated accomplishment in China... and we have been working successfully in China for over a decade.""
Patrick Jenevein
Tang Energy Group

"Lee guided us through the ins and outs of the Chinese business and entertainment world, allowing us to avoid many of the common mistakes newcomers to China make."
Robert Nederlander
Jr. President
Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment

"I am particularly impressed with Paula's ability to connect with senior Chinese clients. Her proven track record in adapting and excelling in new business environments and her abilities to understand, appreciate and leverage unique cultural intricacies and nuances will be of particular value to her clients."
Charles Li
JP Morgan, China

"Lee Sands was essential to our efforts to establish the first sanctioned Cooperative Joint Venture in the highly sensitive youth culture oriented music business in China. The depth of his cultural awareness, linguistic skills and familiarity with Chinese Government personnel and process were the practical key to our success in our market entry strategy."
John Dolan
Former Senior Vice President of Business Development
Sony Music

Lee's "tenacity and street smarts win raves from U.S. business."
Business Week

Lee was commended for "developing a negotiating strategy for persuading China to drop a range of restrictions on foreign companies, and to phase out protection for state-run industries."
The New York Times

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Green Technology Company Raises Capital


A leading technology company, specializing in clean energy in China, sought to raise capital to augment its "green" portfolio.


Although active in the Chinese clean energy sector for years, the company had to overcome a complex regulatory and corporate structure in order to reach out to international investors. In addition, the company was a minority investor in one of its critical investments and its major Chinese partners were state-owned enterprises (SOEs).


Company Positioning
We emphasized our client's experience a savvy operator with a long, established track record of working successfully with its SOE partners in China. We also stressed the prospects for the clean energy industry and the support of the Chinese government. Finally, we focused on the alignment of interests between investors and SOE-controlled shareholders and their shared goal of obtaining a local listing on the A Share market.

We marketed the offering to a number of China-focused funds that had a track record of clean energy investment in China or elsewhere. By approaching a broad range of investors and effectively telling the company's story, we were able to garner significant interest in the offering.

The resulting demand allowed us to negotiate definitive documents for the offering, achieving favorable terms on our client's behalf. In so doing, we were able to resolve numerous issues of contention and close the transaction rapidly.

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